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Watch Me Tonight From Your Own Home - 17th August 2021

I’m just back from a lovely (honestly, LOVELY) Edinburgh Fringe, having finished my run of It Is Better at the Monkey Barrel. A bunch of audiences had a great time at my weird show – they kept laughing and clapping and all sorts. But don’t worry, if you missed it you can laugh and clap and all sorts tonight, thanks to Shedinburgh.

The Shedinburgh festival is a lovely thing where people (lots of brilliant people) do their shows in a shed, and it’s put on the internet. You can buy tickets for tonight (for whatever time zone fits you best) Here.

What is It Is Better? It Is Better is an absurdist catalogue of infinite possibilities, to be watched and laughed at, with a nice drink, while long-thought extinct beasts rampage through the streets outside. And it’s got beautiful piano music by composer John Chambers.


The Association for the Palliative Turn

From August 18th at Brandenburguscher Kunstverein Potsdam, there is an exhibition called The Palliative Turn. I am the token comedian in this room full of artists but I’ve decided to become an artist because I reckon it’s probably more lucrative. What’s it about? The manifesto is below, and a link to the website.

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Here are some videos!


Talking To God (clip) - John-Luke Roberts
Look On My Works… Trailer - John-Luke Roberts
It’s Jon Snow - John-Luke Roberts
Chortle Fast Fringe 2018 - John-Luke Roberts
Bull Episode 3 - John-Luke Roberts
Bull Episode 2 - John-Luke Roberts

I’m the architect of my own demise. The best bit was building the little model of my demise and putting little plastic people round it (and one little plastic dog.)