My Works

These are my previous live shows – i.e. my life’s works so far.

Feel free to stare at the images and imagine what they were like.

Or click on them, and read a brief description.

Look On My Works

2019 - After Me Comes the Flood (But in French) drip splosh splash drip BLUBBP BLUBBP BLUBBPBLUBBPBLUBBP!!
2018 - All I Wanna do is [FX: GUNSHOTS] with a [FX: GUN RELOADING] and a [FX: CASH REGISTER] and Perform Some Comedy!
2017 - Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair (ALL IN CAPS.)
2016 - John-Luke Roberts Builds A Monster
2015 - Stdad Up
2014 - Stnad Up
2013 - Broken Stand Up
2010 - John-Luke Roberts Distracts You From A Murder

I’m the architect of my own demise. The best bit was building the little model of my demise and putting little plastic people round it (and one little plastic dog.)