My Works

These are my previous live shows – i.e. my life’s works so far.

Feel free to stare at the images and imagine what they were like.

Or click on them, and read a brief description.

Look On My Works

2022 - A World Just Like Our Own, But…
2019 - After Me Comes the Flood (But in French) drip splosh splash drip BLUBBP BLUBBP BLUBBPBLUBBPBLUBBP!!
2018 - All I Wanna do is [FX: GUNSHOTS] with a [FX: GUN RELOADING] and a [FX: CASH REGISTER] and Perform Some Comedy!
2017 - Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair (ALL IN CAPS.)
2016 - John-Luke Roberts Builds A Monster
2015 - Stdad Up
2014 - Stnad Up
2013 - Broken Stand Up
2010 - John-Luke Roberts Distracts You From A Murder

Just imagined what it would be like if spiders looked like spider diagrams.
Absolutely horrible. All those bodies, all those interconnected legs.
We should count ourselves very lucky!