Episode 7: Sozcast

Episode 7: Sozcast - John-Luke Roberts

Episode 7: SOZCAST

John-Luke Roberts, the CEO and Fun Captain of Sound Heap, Inc., presents a one-stop shop for the best podcasts on the Sound Heap network – our best, our funniest, and our most in need of new listeners.

But, before that, John-Luke would like to make a very serious and sincere apology.

You’ll hear clips from:

•Cereal Monogamists: The Women Who Marry Breakfast Mascots
•The Freemasons’ Secret Podcast To Talk About Secret Freemason Stuff If You Are Not A Freemason Then Keep Out!!
•They Said I Was Mad: The Only Dry Ski Slope In The Alps
•There’s Ice Cream In My Shoe!
•How To Put Out A Raging Fire (Mainly Guesses)
•Many a Mickle
•Crying With Tony
•Remember Cleggmania?
•What, Not Even The Fucking Wye?

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Written and presented by John-Luke Roberts, with Bilal Zafar, Isy Suttie, Gareth Gwynn, Jonny Donahoe, Josie Long, Joz Norris, Ken Cheng, Kevin Eldon, Kieran Hodgson, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Paddy Gervers and Sooz Kempner.

The original music and stings are by Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Torch & Compass.

Mixed by Rich Evans at Synbox Post.

Produced and edited by Ed Morrish.

Sound Heap is a Lead Mojo production for Auddy.

Just imagined what it would be like if spiders looked like spider diagrams.
Absolutely horrible. All those bodies, all those interconnected legs.
We should count ourselves very lucky!