Episode 4: Introducing Conspiracy Heap

Episode 4: Introducing Conspiracy Heap - John-Luke Roberts

John-Luke Roberts, the CEO and Fun Captain of Sound Heap, Inc., welcomes you back again to the very best Sound Heap podcast network – home to 981 brilliant podcasts, and about 72 other ones. This week, a surprise hit leads us to launch a whole new sideline in innovative yet harmless podcasts.

You’ll hear clips from:

•How Wide Is Your Coinage?
•Untold Tellings Told: The Witch Trials of Chessington World of Adventures
•Made-Up Crimes
•Papper On Ya Ding-Dong
•Round Table Discussions
•Twitching in the Slammer: The Secret World of Prison Birdwatchers
•Britain’s Funniest Eggs
•Loving God Simulator
•How To Put Out A Raging Fire (Mainly Guesses)
•Conspiracy Heap

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Written and presented by John-Luke Roberts, with Bilal Zafar, Charlie George, Eleanor Morton, Gareth Gwynn, Joz Norris, Katy Brand, Kevin Eldon, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Mark Watson, Paddy Gervers, River Hall, Sami Shah, Sooz Kempner, Stuart Laws, Tom Allen and Toussaint Douglass.

The original music and stings are by Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Torch & Compass.

Mixed by Rich Evans at Synbox Post.

Produced and edited by Ed Morrish.

Sound Heap is a Lead Mojo production for Auddy.

I bet the sculptors at Madame Tussaud’s wish that every now and then a candle would become famous or be elected to public office just to make life easier.