Episode 12: It’s all Political

Episode 12: It’s all Political - John-Luke Roberts

John-Luke Roberts presents the last (for now) installment of Sound Heap Inc’s weekly tastepod, showcasing the very best of the 1,603 podcasts that all deserve awards even if the idiots who judge these things don’t agree.

You’ll hear clips from the following awards-worthy podcasts:

Dentists: What They Are And How To Stop Them
This Is Where The Magic Happens
This Is Where This Is Where The Magic Happens Happens
Documentaries About Things: The People Who Keep Ghosts As Pets
Jesus That Dog’s Pretty!
Britain’s Biggest Bastards
I’ve Really Bloody Lost It Now, with Germaine Greer
Golf Cartoons Described
Reasons To Be Fearful (Part 84)
Top Secrets For Top Bananas
Farting for Jesus: A Most Peculiar Church
Quackers for Croissants: The Bakery Secretly Run By Ducks
Crab Praise

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Written and presented by John-Luke Roberts, with Alexis Dubus, Alice Fraser, Athena Kugblenu, Bilal Zafar, Cariad Lloyd, Charlie George, Deborah Frances-White, Ed Morrish, Eleanor Morton, Elis James, Erin McGathy, Gareth Gwynn, Isy Suttie, Jonny Donahoe, Josie Long, Joz Norris, Katherine Parkinson, Katy Brand, Ken Cheng, Kevin Eldon, Kieran Hodgson, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Mark Watson, Paddy Gervers, Pippa Evans, River Hall, Ruth Bratt, Saima Ferdows, Sami Shah, Sooz Kempner, Stuart Laws, Thom Tuck, The Delightful Sausage (Amy Gledhill & Chris Cantrill), Tom Allen, Tom Neenan, Tom Tetsell and Toussaint Douglass.
The original music and stings are by Paddy Gervers and Rob Sell for Torch & Compass.

Mixed by Rich Evans at Synbox Post.

Produced and edited by Ed Morrish.

Sound Heap is a Lead Mojo production for Auddy.

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