Stdad-Up Streaming April 17th

Stdad-Up Streaming April 17th - John-Luke Roberts

A bit of news. The short version is:
We’ve found a recording Ed Moore made of my 2015 show Stdad-Up
Go Faster Stripe are streaming it this Saturday
One Night Only!
I’ll introduce it and do a Q and A afterwards

Slightly longer version: Stdad-Up is probably my most talked about show. It’s certainly the show people ask me about most often, and the show I’m most regularly asked for a video of. Well, here it is! My dad died, and I made a show about it where I dressed up as him and bullied an audience. I watched it the other day, for the first time, and I’m very proud of it. I’d like you to see it.

The show asks the question “how do you grieve someone you didn’t like much”? It gives the answer “probably not like this.”

I spoke about the show quite a lot on episode 252 of The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast with Stu Goldsmith.

So, get your tickets for this one-time only comedy wake!

Thank you all and warmest wishes,

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